Java Enterprise Loop

Following a discussion in the Netz39 IRC channel I created a short Java Enterprise Loop for those in need.

package com.penguineering.seriousnonsense;

 * Short usage instructions:
 * 		final Runnable loopee = ... // Acquire some runnable instance
 * 		EnterpriseLoop.forRunnable(loopee).run();
 * or put it in a thread:
 * 		new Thread(EnterpriseLoop.forRunnable(loopee)).start();
 * Whatever kills your design best.

public class EnterpriseLoop implements Runnable {
	public static EnterpriseLoop forRunnable(final Runnable _loopee) throws NullPointerException {
		return new EnterpriseLoop(_loopee);
	private final Runnable loopee;
	private EnterpriseLoop(final Runnable _loopee) throws NullPointerException {
		if (_loopee == null)
			throw new NullPointerException("Runnable _loopee must not be null!");
		this.loopee = _loopee;
	public Runnable getLoopee() {
		return loopee;
	public void run() {
		while (true)
			try {;
			} catch {Throwable t) {
				// ignore

To adhere to development standards usually found in situations leading to the need of an enterprise loop, I neither documented the code (except for a short usage instruction to save you from thinking about those lines you are going to copy) nor tested it.

I leave this to the public domain to successfully serve as a bad example.

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